About Me

I paint with bold, clean strokes, thick with rich, sometimes surprising, colors that express what I see and feel when painting. My hope is that in the end I have engaged the emotions and intellect of those who look at my work.

I begin long before I pick up my brushes using design and composition principles to outline the work. I then paint with abandon and joy. The resulting work shows my personal application of impressionism with a minimalist quality.

Often inspiration comes from what I see walking on my ranch on the historically rich, brushy edge of the Texas Hill Country. Here daily, I encounter constant contrasts and variety in texture and color - the dichotomy of harmony and discord; lushness and barrenness; serenity and energy.

My challenge is to show the complexity of creation by painting intimate, personal portraits of nature. Whether choosing a landscape or still life, close observation reveals the ordinary as extraordinary.

Please visit my Art blog for weekly updates on my work and life around the Texas Hill Country.

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Jean Levert Hood - Fine Art, Brackettville, Texas

Vevilu Art Gallery in Del Rio, Texas

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Artists I Love

Guido Frick
"If you don't let your feelings come out while painting, nothing will happen on the canvas. The painting should mirror your personality. Be yourself, then your paintings get soul, heart and power."

Daniel Sroka: Abstract Photographs of Nature

"Abstract photographs that reveal the wild and unpredictable nature of leaves, flowers & seeds."

Melony Madden: Mixed Media Art
"I compare my free motion embroidery to a painter's brush as I paint with the needle of my machine to create depth, shadow and light in my work. Through my work I try to explore the persistence of things in the world."

Colorado Art Studio

"I'm Cynthia and I'm an artist living in Denver, CO. While clay is my main focus, I often stray when it suits my fancy."

I am Jean Levert Hood, Texas Hill Country Artist

See my portfolios on Trunkt, Design Style Guide, or Discovered Artists.

My work is available online at www.JeanLevertHood.com, Etsy, and Artfire.

You can see my work in person at
Vevilu Gallery in Del Rio, Texas

See more about me and my work at www.JeansArtBlog.com or at My Online Studio.

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